Amazon Lightsail: Instance Networking Setup Part 3

Amazon Lightsail: Instance Networking Setup Part 3

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Step 1: Create & Attach a Static IP to Your WordPress Instance

The default dynamic public IP address attached to your instance changes every time you stop and start the instance. Create a static IP address, and attach it to your instance, to keep the public IP address from changing. Later, when you use your domain name with your instance, you don’t have to update your domain’s DNS records each time you stop and start the instance.

On your instance management page, under the Networking tab, choose Create static IP, then follow the instructions on the page.

  1. Choose Create static IP.
  2. Choose the Lightsail resource to which you want to attach the static IP.
  3. Name your static IP, and then choose Create.

Now when you go to the home page, you see a static IP address that you can manage.

Also, on the Networking tab of your instance’s management page, you’ll see a blue pushpin next to your public IP address. This indicates that the IP address is now static.

Default Firewall Settings to access the following Port

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