Amazon Lightsail: WordPress Quick Start Guide Part-2

Amazon Lightsail: WordPress Quick start guide Part-2

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Step 1: Get the default application password for your WordPress website

You need the default application password to sign in to your WordPress website’s administration dashboard.

  1. On your instance management page, under the Connect tab, choose Connect using SSH.
  2. After you’re connected, enter the following command to get the default application password:
cat bitnami_application_password

Note: If you’re in a directory other than the user home directory, then enter

cat $HOME/bitnami_application_password

Now that you have the default user password, navigate to your WordPress website’s home page, and sign in to the administration dashboard. After you’re signed in, you can change the default password to something that is easier to remember.

Step 2: Sign in to your WordPress Website

  1. On your instance management page, under the Connect tab, make note of the public IP.
  2. Browse to the public IP address, for example by going to, where replace with your Public IP
  3. Sign in using the default user name (user) and the default password retrieved earlier in this guide.

The WordPress administration dashboard appears.

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